Instagram ‘Top 9’ trend alert: Know why to stay away from fake ‘Best 9’ apps

Instagram, apart from being the go-to app for people to update their life statuses, is also a place for trends. Every now and then, you will find one trend that we have been a part of at least once. One such trend that has been in existence since 2016 on the app is the ‘Top 9’ trend, wherein people are posting the best 9 photos of 2020.

For this, Instagram has a deal with BetaLabs that allows users to create their best 9 posts. There are various other apps that can help you do the same, but beware, they are fake and cause you some trouble. Read on to know more about it.

Avoid these fake ‘Best 9’ apps for Instagram trend

BetaLab, via an official blog post, has revealed that there are several fake apps that create the ‘Top 9’ posts for users on Instagram to follow the trend. The apps should be totally avoided as they can delete, hack, or modify your Instagram accounts.

The company got to know of this as some users complained of the issue. It said, “We receive messages from people saying that after they used our app their Instagram account username has been “hacked”, deleted, or modified. In fact, they were unknowingly using a fake tool thinking it’s our Top Nine tool. That’s one of the reasons why we chose to make it under the CreatorKit platform, on

To put things into perspective, BetaLab has the CreatorKit for users to follow the ‘Top 9′ trend every year on Instagram and publish their best 9 posts on the app. Other apps that offer to do so are mostly fake and can hinder users’ privacy and security. It is suggested that the apps can steal users’ data such as credentials details.

But worry not! The post also tells as to how you can stay away from hoax apps and go for the original CreatorKit platform. For this, you need to see if the apps let you see the address bar as fake ones don’t show any while signing in to If you have a public Instagram account, you won’t have to sign in.

Additionally, the original app doesn’t ask you to fill up personality tests and doesn’t ask for access to the camera roll. Lastly, you need to download the CreatorKit app only via the Google Play Store and the App Store to ensure you are using an original.

We hope this article helps you stay away from fake apps and helps you keep safe.

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