Instagram uses AI to automatically hide offensive comments

Instagram celebrated its 10th anniversary few days back. And along with that, it shared an important update for users. The platform is now automatically hiding offensive comments on posts. This will be detected using the offensive comments reported before. You can easily view them by tapping the View Hidden Comment section. Currently, Instagram is offering this feature in beta for users.

The Facebook-owned social platform is looking to make things easier for users. It is doing this by cutting down on cyber bullying, trolls and fake accounts. Another addition to its feature set includes the Nudge. Users were notified once about posting something nasty but now Instagram wants the person to see it every time they post something that goes against the platform’s guidelines.

The company pointed out that during its limited roll out of Nudge, the amount of negative comments on post reduced to an extent. And while it didn’t share any specific numbers to stake its claim. The platform felt confident enough to release it for all users now. These features work when a user writes the post in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic (for Android users) for now. And Instagram will be adding more language support for them in the coming months.

Instagram turns 10 this October

Facebook-owned Instagram completed 10 years on Tuesday with over one billion users. Instagram also announced ‘Stories Map’, a private map and calendar of the stories people shared in the last three years. “You can look back and remember all your favourite moments. You’ll be able to share, download, and save these stories to your highlights”.

Mosseri said that over the coming months, Instagram users will see some major changes, like tabs for Reels and shopping, and some big improvements to messaging. “We’ll look to accelerate ways for creators to make a living and for small businesses to sell their products”.

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