The US officials are reportedly in talks with Intel and TSMC about setting up the production of chipsets in the country itself. The US-based tech brands have been working towards reducing the dependence on Asia for years and this has only become more intense ever since. With a pandemic disrupting the trade and manufacturing cycles and sour US-China trade scenarios, reducing dependence sounds like a good plan for the US.

The report by The Wall Street Journal also reported about US officials talking to South Korean company Samsung Electronics to expand its operations in the states. This would allow the brand to produce more advanced chips in the USA itself.

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The chipsets produced by Intel, Samsung, and TSMC, are all based on a 10nm process, if not lower. This makes them extremely fast and power-efficient. The report also mentions that Bob Swan, CEO of Intel, mentioned the building of a commercial foundry to the Pentagon. This was reportedly due to the “uncertainty created by the current geopolitical situation.”

While Intel already has production in the USA that produces chipsets for its own products, the new factory would allow it to make chips for other brands. These include Qualcomm, Nvidia, and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).

TSMC “open to using building fabs overseas”

The US government has also proposed other solutions to the industry. These include government investments in the chipset industry to support the high cost of building foundries and tax credits.  “TSMC has always been open to building fabs overseas, and do not rule anything out. We are actively evaluating all the suitable locations, including in the U.S., but there is no concrete plan yet. It all depends on customers’ needs,” said TSMC in another report by TechCrunch.

In other news, Intel recently announced its 10th generation Core S-Series desktop processors. The new flagship platform, as one would expect, is being dubbed as the world’s fastest gaming processor. The chipsets were made official by Intel with Core i9-10900K leading the way. The announcement of the new desktop processors further intensifies Intel’s battle with AMD.

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