Internet shutdown in Ghazipur area of Delhi-NCR amid farmer protest

Internet services have been suspended in the Ghazipur region in Delhi-NCR amid the farmer protests in the area. As crowds started to swell in the region, the authorities suspended internet services in the region to thwart the spread of rumors and misinformation.

Internet services have also been suspended in the Singhu, Tikri and adjoining areas in the capital till 11 PM tomorrow.

The Union Home Ministry says that it has taken this drastic step in the interest of maintaining public safety and averting a public emergency amid the protests.

“…it is necessary and expedient to order the temporary suspension of internet services in the areas of Singhu, Ghazipur and Tikri, and their adjoining areas in the NCT of Delhi from 11 pm on January 29 to 11 pm on January 31,” the Home Ministry order read.

Ghazipur border has been one of the hotspots during the protests where farmers have gathered in large numbers to camp opposing the Centre’s farm laws.

As per an India Today report, thousands of farmers are reported to march from the Muzzaffarnagar border to join the protests in Ghazipur.

Both carriageways of the NH-24, to and from Ghaziabad and Ghazipur border, have been shut, the Delhi Traffic Police confirmed.

Just yesterday, the Government of Haryana extended the suspension of internet services and mobile connectivity in 17 of its districts. The order was implemented to stay in effect till 5 PM on January 30.

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