There are two kinds of smartphone camera enthusiasts: one who believes DxOMark scores and one who doesn’t. If you belong to the former fraternity, there’s some good news. DxOMark recently revaluated the iPhone 11 camera performance and has now rated it 10 points higher than before. That brings it up with this year’s Android flagships such as the OnePlus 8 Pro, Google Pixel 5, and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera ratings.

DxOMark updated its testing procedures a few weeks ago and that led to the firm reevaluating the iPhone 11’s camera. Why revaluate? Well, DxOMark doesn’t cite any reason behind it. We think that the iPhone 11 is still one of the best-selling iPhone models even after the iPhone 12 launch. Moreover, the lower prices for the device means that a majority of iPhone buyers will be interested in spending less on a phone that’s fairly new and competes with the best of Android phones this year.

iPhone 11 camera re-tested by DxOmark

Apple iPhone with Rear Flash Camera

Whatever the reason may be for the revaluation, the updated score is a reassuring statement for iPhone 11 users to be happy with their purchase. The smartphone uses a dual 12-megapixel camera setup that’s quite similar to the one on the 2020 models. Apple introduced the concept of Deep Fusion computational photography with the 2019 models for its main rear camera. It made a lot of difference in the quality of photos.

So, what does DxOMark have to say about the iPhone 11’s cameras in 2020? Check out the excerpt from their page:

“Photos from the main camera display accurate exposure with wide dynamic range in most tested conditions, delivering very similar overall quality to the larger iPhone 11 Pro Max. Color is a nice strength for the iPhone 11, too, with vivid and pleasant rendering in almost all images. The only exception here is under some low artificial lighting where white balance has a warm cast, but it’s not overly offensive. Detail is good in most conditions, aided in part by an excellent autofocus system that delivered fast, accurate and reliable performance in our new and more challenging benchmark tests.”

The iPhone 11 impressed the DxOMark chaps with its video capabilities and apart from some minor inconsistencies, they rated it as one of the best smartphone video cameras. The iPhone 11 still competes with the best with its good color as well as exposure performance.

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