iPhone 11 Pro with a faulty logo sold for over 2 lakhs: What’s the big deal?

A rather odd set of images of the iPhone 11 Pro have surfaced online, which give us a glimpse of a possible production fault on part of Apple. An iPhone 11 Pro with a misplaced Apple logo is not only making the rounds on the internet but has also been bought by someone for a whopping $2,700.

This translates to around Rs 2,00,000, which is quite expensive if compared to the price tag of the current maxed out iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Faulty iPhone 11 Pro images appear

The images of the faulty iPhone 11 Pro have been via a tweet by Internal Archive, which reveal the misaligned Apple logo.

The logo is seen placed more towards the right than the usual central alignment. It is also tilted anticlockwise, which again, isn’t the case with iPhones. But then, it is a rare image. Internal Archive suggests that the possibility of a faulty iPhone is one in a million, or “even rarer.”

This iPhone 11 Pro in question is in Midnight Green and has been shown in different angles for people to make out the difference.

The surprising part is that the faulty iPhone got sold for quite a hefty price tag. Although, details on the reason and the person who bought it remain unknown.

The interesting part in this situation is that it is very unlikely that an Apple product with faults has appeared in the wild. Mostly due to the fact that the Cupertino tech major usually destroys the ones with manufacturing defects and doesn’t let them reach people or people who can leak such products, much like this case.

Having said that, its’ not the first time this has happened. As per a report by 9To5Mac, Back in 2015, an iPad Pro with a fault had popped up. The fault was the inclusion of a golden ring around the home button, much like the iPhones until the 8 series. It was also shipped to a user.

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