iPhone 12 durability tests show it is tougher than iPhone 11

Apple launched the new iPhone 12 few weeks back. This year you have the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But in terms of price, iPhone 12 Mini is the most affordable of the lot. While iPhones are costly, yet people have complained about their lack of durability over the years. Which is why we have these regular drill of tests to see how a device fares in different conditions. This year it’s no different with the iPhone 12. All in all, the good news is, the new iPhones do much better in the tests than the last year’s iPhone 11.

The tests were done by MobilereviewsEh, to check the quality of the phone’s screen and the glass body. These tests also give us a clear idea about the effectiveness of the new materials used by Apple.  The judgement was based on the points scored by both the models. And fair to say, the iPhone 12 did a lot better in the screen durability and scratch tests.

While the Apple iPhone 11 screen broke at pressure of 352 newtons, the iPhone 12 managed to withstand the pressure up to 443 newtons. Those doing the test revealed the cracks on the iPhone 12 were much finer. This is a good sign, especially if you are worried about a cracked screen after dropping the device.

When it comes to the scratch tests, both the models were put through different materials to see which one does the most damage and by how much. The basic test easily proved the iPhone 12 is more durable. This should come as a relief to those looking to buy the new model. The video also highlights the use of aluminium on the edge of the iPhone 12 makes it better at handling coins and keys. But more importantly, the use of ceramic coating on the iPhone 12 camera module gives the much needed surety to the user.

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