Apple is reportedly keen on offering the next iPhone without any charger or Earpods. This is most likely going to make the box package slimmer. That’s not all, removing charger and earphones could allow Apple to price the iPhone 12 closer to that of iPhone 11.

The leaked render images of the packaging, as seen here, show us place of the lightning cable and product manual booklet for the device. Apart from that, the space for charger and earpods have been taken out. With this you can expect Apple to offer the iPhone in a slimmer packaging box.


With the next iPhone expected to support 5G network, industry experts believe the price of the phone will shoot up because of the added technology. And removing charger and earphones will allow more for Apple to price the iPhone lower than expected.

Apple bringing about new change

Apple’s reliable analyst Kuo had talked about removing earphones from the box. But omitting charger could be met with mixed responses from the people. But if Apple manages to cut down the price of the iPhone because of that, it’s unlikely that people will complain. The next iPhone is rumoured to feature OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate in tow. The cameras are expected to get a significant bump as well.

But it’s not just Apple who might ditch chargers in out of box package. According to the latest information available, it looks like Samsung is planning to remove the charger from its next-gen devices. The company may start removing the chargers from its retail boxes starting 2021.

Samsung is likely taking a cue from Apple to ensure that it can price its upcoming devices more aggressively. This will also allow these smartphone makers to make “major cost reductions”. The company is currently discussing the plans to make such a move and it has not announced anything official. Beyond the usual cost-saving measures, this will also help smartphone makers reduce a massive amount of e-waste.

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