iPhone 12 Mini could be discontinued suggesting the ‘Mini’ magic didn’t work

Apple released the iPhone 12 Mini with an aim to give people a small-screen iPhone at a lower price. The iPhone 12 Mini proves to be helpful if a person needs a small phone to be able to fit perfectly in the pockets or for the overall ease of usage.

However, it seems that the smaller Apple iPhone didn’t make it to the good books of users and might be discontinued pretty soon.

iPhone 12 Mini production to be stopped

It is suggested that iPhone 12 Mini is the worst-selling iPhone among the other iPhone 12 models and has the lowest sale numbers to showcase.

As per a report by MyDrivers, the iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 6 percent of global sales. This has led to the rumor (coming from U.S. securities firm J.P. Morgan) floating in the air that suggests that the Cupertino tech major might consider discontinuing making the device by the second quarter of 2021 and focus on other iPhones.

J.P Morgan’s William Wang also reveals that Apple has reduced the production of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini by 9 million and 11 million units, respectively. But, it will increase the production of the iPhone 12 Pro Max by up to 11 million. The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a bigger battery, a bigger 6.7-inch screen, and also a huge price tag.

Did the ‘Mini’ fail to work?

When the iPhone 12 Mini came, it not only brought back the compact design but the nostalgia of those compact phones we used a few years ago. It proved to be a great deal for there is a smaller phone with an OLED display, iPhone-grade cameras, and a price tag, which is quite decent for an iPhone.

But, there are downsides too. The iPhone 12 Mini became a device low on battery life and the visual content, especially gaming could prove not-so-great. Considering we are now accustomed to the big screens and bigger batteries to fulfill our daily needs, the iPhone 12 Mini could be a turn-off for many even when the price is low.

This is the time when we realize that the ‘Mini’ magic must have failed to work, given the current tech trend of ‘bigger’ everything.

With this, there are chances that Apple might not take further risks and don’t come up with a Mini iPhone. This would make the iPhone 12 Mini, the shortest-lived iPhone ever. However, the Cupertino tech major might not follow trends as it does always and come up with an iPhone 13 Mini with improvements, a better battery, and maybe better attractions to woo people.

Let’s see what Apple plans to do with its ‘Mini’ idea: It keeps it or tosses it up. We will let you know about this when we get more details. Hence, stay tuned to this space.

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