The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have gone on sale already in India, with the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max going on sale in a few days’ time. This year’s models are offering vast upgrades across the entire lineup. One of them is the MagSafe charging that comes with its own wireless charging adapter. Apple said that users can expect 15W of fast charging with the MagSafe charger on iPhone 12 models. However, there’s an exception for the Mini.

Apple has now clarified that the iPhone 12 Mini will have slower wireless charging speeds with the MagSafe charger. The iPhone 12 Mini only supports up to 12W of charging speeds and based on the temperature, it will reduce the speed to protect the battery as well as the internals. The iPhone 12 and the Pro models will continue to support fast wireless charging at 15W. Lightning accessories compatible with MagSafe will continue to charge at 7.5W.

iPhone 12 Mini has slower MagSafe charging

The MagSafe charger is essentially a Qi-compatible wireless charger that’s enhanced for the iPhone 12 series. The iPhone 12 series devices use a unique arrangement of magnets to hold on to the MagSafe wireless charger. Apple said during the launch that the iPhone 12 and Pro models will support 15W charging via the MagSafe charger.


The iPhone 12 Mini, however, is now said to charge at maximum speeds of up to 12W, which is notably slower. Apple has mentioned reasons behind this but we assume it could be due to the smaller footprint of the device. The iPhone 12 Mini is smaller in size than the entry-level iPhone SE, a phone that launched as Apple’s most compact iPhone model earlier this year. The iPhone 12 Mini starts at Rs 69,900 in India.

While the MagSafe charging speed is slower for the iPhone 12 Mini, it still supports the 20W fast charging with the 20W Apple charger brick. For most users, investing Rs 1,900 for the 20W Apple fast charger makes more sense over spending Rs 4,500 for the MagSafe charger. You should note that the 20W fast charger also supports the older iPhone 11 series, iPhone SE, iPhone XR and iPhone XS models.

Apple also clarified that the MagSafe charger may get warm and cause the battery to get warm as well. In order to ensure a long battery life, the software will limit charging post 80 per cent if the temperature gets too warm.

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