The iPhone 12 series is among the most desirable smartphone out there and sales figures support this more than ever. Based on a research report, the iPhone 12 series managed to sell over 100 million units since its launch. This matches the very old iPhone 6 that also achieved a similar feat back in 2014. The iPhone 11 series took more time to get this many sales in its heyday.

The Counterpoint research data shows that the iPhone 12’s most sales happened in the US market. Out of the four models, it was the most expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max that sold the most, with a total share of 29 percent. This was higher than the demand for the iPhone 11 Pro Max that only got a share of 25 percent.

iPhone 12 series achieves high sales

The shift in demand for the highest-end model is more notable in the US market, where the Pro Max captured a total share of 40 percent. Due to the high price of $1,100, this resulted in Apple benefiting the most in terms of revenue as well.

Counterpoint cites two main reasons behind this surge in sales compared to the previous generation. The iPhone 12 series shifted to 5G connectivity across the range as standard. With 5G networks budding around the world, this was a good enough reason for buyers to make the upgrade this year.

iPhone 12

Then there was the universal move to OLED displays. The iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max got new OLED displays as standard with support for Dolby Vision format. The report says that the OLED display was another driving force behind the upgrade cycle. The iPhone 12 Pro Max also came in with more RAM and a larger battery over the standard models.

However, other reports have mentioned a lack of interest in the iPhone 12 Mini, which has even resulted in Apple stopping its production. The compact dimensions of the iPhone 12 Mini haven’t attracted the consumer’s attention as much as Apple had hoped. It is said that Apple will bring an iPhone 13 Mini this year for one last time before discontinuing it from 2022.

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