iPhone owners are worse drivers than Android users: New study

A new study on smartphone users has revealed that Android users are more humble and better drivers than iPhone users. As per the findings published on Jerry, a smartphone car insurance comparator, Android users are found to be better drivers than iPhone users.

The report says that it had analysed the driving behaviour of 20,000 drivers collected during 13 million kilometers of driving. YThe study revealed that the Android users had higher and safer-driving scores than iPhone users in every single category including overall safe driving, speeding, distraction, turning, braking, and accelerating. In its analysis, Jerry pointed to distracted driving as one potential explanation, iPhone users are most likely to check their phones while driving than Android users.

“Jerry analyzed data collected from 20,000 drivers during 13 million kilometres of driving over a 14-day period. The data generated an overall driving score as well as sub-scores for acceleration, speed, braking, turning, and distraction. Then we grouped the results by smartphone operating system and various demographic characteristics,” the report said.

The highest scores went to “older people who are married, homeowners, who live in the Midwest, have bachelor’s or more advanced degrees, and higher credit ratings. The study found regardless of the device, PhDs earned the highest scores, followed by those with master’s and bachelor’s degrees, respectively. Yet Android users without a high school diploma scored higher than iPhone devotees with PhDs, master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

In addition, Android users are not drawn toward luxury like iPhone users. Android users, as per the study, were more conscientious, exhibited higher levels of honesty, and “feel little temptation to break the rules.” As per study, iPhone users are less predictable and consistent in their behaviour. However, they were are emotional.

Android is the dominant platform in most countries, although it has had trouble surpassing Apple in Japan and the United States. In countries like Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iran and Turkey, it has over 85 percent market share.

Android dominates in global market share, responsible for 71 percent of all smartphone usage in Q1 2021. Android has been falling slightly in market share in the past two years, as Apple’s iPhone 11 and 12 were both well received by customers.

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