Apple has come under the negative light as the company is being sued by a Melbourne-based man after his iPhone X exploded in his pockets, thus causing injuries.

This becomes a part of the many lawsuits that have been filed against Apple several times in the past. Read on to know what happened.

Another Apple controversy

According to a report by 7News, Robert De Rose, who is a scientist at the University of Melbourne experienced second-degree burns on his right leg after his iPhone X caught fire.

It is suggested that Rose was in his office when he heard a faint pop sound and a fizz. Following this, he felt a sudden pain in his leg. This is when it was realised that it could be his phone causing an issue. Upon taking out his iPhone X from the pocket, he discovered black smoke coming out of it.

Robert immediately threw the smartphone on floor. However, this whole unfortunate incident caused burns on his leg.

burnt iphone x

Image: 7News

While this incident took place way back in 2019, its only now that Robert decided to file a lawsuit against Apple. This is because when Apple was contacted, the company never responded to the look into the matter and sort things out.

Apple is being sued by Robert De Rose, along with another Melbourne-based man who suffered injuries after his Apple Watch allegedly overheated.

Apple has now paid attention to both the cases and is expected to take necessary actions for it.

While the reasons can mostly be attributed to charging the devices with a third-party charger or overcharging it, we don’t what really caused the aforementioned incident to take place.

Not the first time for Apple!

This is not the first time an Apple device has caught fire, exploded, and caused injuries to people. In the past, we have seen various iPhone models catching fire and creating issues for the owner. In 2019, an iPhone 6 caught fire and exploded, causing injuries to an 11-year-old girl.

Back when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle was getting all the attention, an iPhone 7 also exploded and caused burns to a student.

Since we can never tell what reasons can be behind such situations, it’s best advised to not go for unathorised repair or non-Apple cables/chargers.

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