Jays has launched the Jays x-Five Wireless headphones in India. The new wireless headphones come with 20 hours of playtime and signature Jays‘ warm sound. It also comes with foldable design, integrated mic and control buttons. With memory foam padded ear cushions, the Jays x-Five Wireless will adapt and customize their shape according to your ear. The headphones are lightweight and the foldable construction allows them to be worn for a longer period of time. With x-Five Wireless, Jays is focusing on comfort and portability as the key selling point.

Jays x-Five Wireless: Price and Features

The x-Five Wireless from Jays has a market retail price of Rs 6,999. However, it is being made available at 42 percent discount for Rs 3,999 via Headphone Zone. It comes with one year warranty and makes for a solid wireless option in that price segment. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and supports Bluetooth codes such as SBC and AAC. There is integrated controls and microphone as well. Since it uses Bluetooth, it is universally compatible and offers battery life equivalent to 20 hours.

Jays notes that the x-Five Wireless takes two hours for charging and has a rated standby time of 300 hours. It uses USB cable for charging and has a wireless range of 10 meters. As mentioned before, there is a foldable headband and rotating ear cups. This allows x-Five Wireless to be carried anywhere without taking up a lot of space. “Just fold them together and put them in the pocket of your jacket or inside your bag without taking a lot of space or feeling bulky,” the company explains.

Jays x-Five Wireless comes equipped with 40mm drivers and driver output of 10mW and sensitivity range of 106dB and 112dB. The frequency response ranges from 32Hz to 18kHz and dynamic range is equivalent to 85dB. The x-Five Wireless weighs around 150 grams and comes only in black edition. The headphones come at a critical time when smartphones are getting rid of headphone jack and wireless is becoming a new normal.

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