Jio services restored, telco compensates with free 2 days free unlimited plan: Know details

The Reliance Jio network in the morning stopped working in parts of India, with people facing signal issues, internet connectivity issues and more. The company in a statement claims to have fixed all of the issues that affected customers in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh circles.

The company in a media statement has said that its “teams were able to resolve this network issue in a matter of hours,” and the services are currently fully operational. To apologise for the inconvenience, the company has stated that it will offer affected customers a two-day complimentary unlimited plan.

All affected customers will be sent an SMS by the company, which will state that they are eligible to get a two-day complimentary unlimited plan, which will be credited automatically tonight. The complimentary plan will become active post the expiry of the currently active plan. For example, if you have a 30-day plan, the additional two days will activate when your 30-day plan expires, which means you will effectively get 32 days of service.

While the company in its statement has said that the issue affected only customers in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh circles, reports of the outage were coming in from across the country.

Reliance Jio has also not revealed the reason behind the outage. While the reasons behind the outage could be wide-ranging, it is expected that the outage could have been caused due to server-side issues, which in itself is a very broad term.

To recall, all of Facebook’s services including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and more recently suffered a global outage, where the services were inaccessible for nearly six hours. The company later revealed that the reason behind the outage was “faulty configuration changes on its routers.”

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