Netflix has released its speed index report for January 2021, with JioFiber topping the charts. The report consists of lists of details on countries, regions that provide the best user experience. India was a part of the tier 2 list with average speeds of 3.6Mbps. JioFiber was followed by Tata Sky broadband, 7 Star Digital, Airtel Xtreme, Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT), Excitel Broadband, Hathway and Spectra.

India was part of the tier 2 list, which also consists of Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Hungary and more. The average internet speed in India clocked at 3.4Mbps. The tier 1 regions including the US, the UK, Germany, Australia and more, clocked in average speeds of 3.6Mbps.

Netflix calculates all of these internet speed numbers based on actual usage during its prime-time hours. The company also collects speed data from its internet speed test platform,

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BSNL and MTNL ranked at 5 and 6 positions, with average speeds of 2.8Mbps and 2.4Mbps, respectively. (Image: Netflix)

JioFiber topped the India list with an average speed of the network coming at 3.6Mbps, rivalling the average speeds of the tier 1 list countries. Interestingly, Tata Sky broadband also offered average speeds of 3.6Mbps.

BSNL and MTNL ranked at 5 and 6 positions, with average speeds of 2.8Mbps and 2.4Mbps, respectively. These positions since August have been occupied by both of the government owned telecom service providers.

To recall, JioFiber topped the list in November and December also with speeds of 3.8Mbps on average. The company has been delivering an average speed of 3.6Mbps since August, 2020, with the bump to 3.8Mbps in November and December.

Tata Sky broadband has managed to keep the second spot with average speeds of 3.6Mbps since August 2020. Airtel has been inconsistent with average speeds of 3.6Mbps in August, dipping to 3.4Mbps in September and October, then climbing back to 3.6Mbps in November and December, to see yet another fall to 3.4Mbps in January.

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