JioPhone Next has been released in India after a long wait. The Jio-Google smartphone was first announced at the company’s annual general meeting earlier this year. The Android smartphone comes at an “entry” or an “effective” price of Rs 1,999. This means, to buy the JioPhone Next, consumers will need to make a down payment of Rs 1,999 but that’s not just it. There are a lot of terms and conditions attached to the offer.

The actual price

The JioPhone Next is actually priced at Rs 6,499 and there are many cheaper Android phones available than that from brands such as Micromax, itel, Samsung, Nokia, among others. Some of the alternatives of JioPhone Next include: Nokia 8110, Samsung Galaxy M01 Core. itel A26, Micromax iOne, among others. To stand out from the rivals, Reliance Jio is making it easy for consumers to buy the JioPhone Next with EMI options and bundled data offers.

Jio is offering four EMI plans for consumers who plan to buy the JioPhone Next. These plans are divided into four parts – Always-On plan, Large plan, XL plan and XXL plan. These EMI plans bring data and calling benefits as well.

With these EMI or financial plans, Jio is making it easy for consumers to grab the JioPhone Next at first with a price of Rs 1999 but eventually they will need to pay the monthly EMI for the set period + Rs 501 EMI processing fee to the financial firm. This totals to a lot more. For instance, with the base EMI plan consumers will end up paying Rs 9,199 for the JioPhone Next and additional calling and data benefits.

Notably, the processing fee varies for different financial firms and Jio has no role to play in that.

EMI plans bring data benefits

The four EMI options include and calculation of how much you will end up paying at the end of the EMI period:

–Always on plan – It comes at Rs 300/month for 24 months, Rs 350/ month for 18 months. Total price of JioPhone Next: Rs 9699 and Rs 8799 (this includes the EMI prices + down payment + EMI processing fee)

Large plan – Priced at Rs 450/month for 24 month, Rs 500/ month for 18 months. Total price of JioPhone Next: Rs 13299 and Rs 11499 (this includes the EMI prices + down payment + EMI processing fee)

XL plan — Priced at Rs 500/month for 24 months, Rs 550/month for 18 months. Total price of JioPhone Next: Rs 14499 and Rs 12399 (this includes the EMI prices + down payment + EMI processing fee)

XXL plan — Priced at Rs 550/month for 24 months, Rs 600/month for 18 months. Total price of JioPhone Next: Rs 15,699 and Rs 13,299 (this includes the EMI prices + down payment + EMI processing fee)

If you do not opt for any of the EMI option, Jio allows you to straightaway pay Rs 6499 and avoid the extra processing fee. The advantage you get with the EMI options are the additional data and calling benefits.

–Always on plan –This plan offers 5GB data and 100 min calls per month.

Large plan – This plan offers 1.5 GB data per day and unlimited calls.

XL plan — Under this plan, the JioPhone Next users get 2GB data per day and unlimited calls.

XXL plan —The plan offers 2.5 GB data per day and unlimited calls.

JioPhone Next features and details

The JioPhone Next is a massive upgrade over the predecessor JioPhone 2. The new Jio-Google smartphone comes packed with a 13-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front camera, a 5.45-inch touchscreen HD display with 720 x 1440 pixels screen resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon QM-215 SoC, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage with expandable storage, a 3500mAh battery, dual SIM support, microUSB, 3.5mm headphone jack support, PragatiOS, Google Play store, YouTube and more support.

Interested buyers will be able to purchase the JioPhone Next starting Diwali from across the country at Reliance Retail’s extensive network of JioMart Digital retail locations. To register the phone ahead of official release, head to the nearest Jio Mart Digital store or on or via WhatsApp. Just simply send Hi to 70182-70182 on WhatsApp. Once the confirmation is received, you can visit the nearby JioMart retailer to get your JioPhone Next.

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