Joker Malware is back! Delete these 15 Android apps from your phone immediately

The Joker malware is back once again. Tatyana Shishkova, an analyst at Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky just took to Twitter to alert users about the return of the Joker malware on the Google Play Store. He states that the malware has infected at least 15 Android apps.

To recall, the Joker malware infected a lot of apps last year and managed to create a mass scare. The situation turned very bad and Google intervened and remove the infected apps to protect its users. The malware has been around since 2017 in some form or the other.

Some of the apps listed by Shishkova have over 50,000 installs, while there are some apps that only have installs in the double digits.

List of apps infected with Joker malware

  1. Easy PDF Scanner
  2. Now QRCode Scan
  3. Super-Click VPN
  4. Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer
  5. Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects
  6. Smart TV Remote
  7. Volume Boosting Hearing Aid
  8. Flashlight Flash Alert on Call
  9. Halloween Coloring
  10. Classic Emoji Keyboard
  11. Super Hero-Effect
  12. Dazzling Keyboard
  13. EmojiOne Keyboard
  14. Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper
  15. Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor

What is the Joker malware?

Joker malware infects apps listed on the Google Play Store, and after a user downloads one of the infected apps. Every time the malware is caught, its developers make minor changes to its code to bypass the Play Store’s security guidelines.

The malware is known to steal victims’ information via SMSes, contact lists, and device info. The virus interacts with the device in the background silently clicking on advertisements and subscribing its victims to premium services.

The malware is capable of taking OTPs from SMSes to secretly approve payments. After this, it will delete the OTP and the bank SMSes so that the victim is clueless about the charges. The only way a victim will get to know about the charges is when they check their bank statements.

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