When you hear someone mention KFC, you mostly picture in your mind the fried chicken brand or maybe even an animated picture of Colonel Sanders. But that’s about to change, at least for the gaming community.

Never could one have imagined that it would be KFC to make a gaming console to take on the might of the PlayStation and the Xbox!

Yes, you heard that right, KFC has its own gaming console called KFConsole.

Winner winner, fried chicken dinner

The KFConsole, created in partnership with PC and hardware manufacturer Coolmaster, is a gaming console that comes bundled with a built-in chicken chamber capable of heating the chicken while you’re busy taking down your opponents in an online 1v1 duel. This is a world-first feature for a gaming console and was teased starting in June this year when many thought it to be some kind of a practical joke.


Post the teaser, many were anxiously waiting for KFC to develop such hardware and it’s been able to deliver.

How does KFConsole work?

The KFConsole has been designed to keep your food (of any kind) hot thanks to a separate chamber over the console that uses the heat that is extracted by the custom built-in cooling system. So while the console is heating by running high definition games, it’s simultaneously channelling the hot air into the heating chamber where the food is placed.

KFConsole grill

This not only keeps the food warm but also helps cools the console faster. I know this sounds nothing more than a gimmicky publicity stunt but the fact that this console is ready to support games like Cyberpunk 2077 is a mind-blowing fact.

What cooking inside?

Besides the chicken (pun intended), the KFConsole houses top-end gaming hardware like a flagship Intel CPU, an ASUS swappable mini-GPU, and a pair of NVMe 1TB SSD cards from Seagate.

With this kind of hardware, you’ll easily be able to run games like GTA-5, Crysis and even the bug-infested Cyberpunk 2077. The console is touted to offer up to 4k gaming at 240FPS.

If you look at the design, it doesn’t look out of place when you consider that the PlayStation 5 has been called by many “spaceship-like.”

At the moment we are not sure when a commercial unit of the KFConsole will be available in the market. Coolmaster has set up a dedicated website for the console which talks about some of the details of the product sans hardware specifications. Nevertheless, fingers crossed that Colonel Sanders makes it available soon because I sure am licking my lips.

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