Koo yellow tick: How to apply and who is eligible

Koo, an Indian alternative to popular Twitter, has gained immense popularity in the nation. Celebrities and other prominent personalities have also begun using the platform. In order to provide recognition to verified members, Koo provides a badge called Eminence, which works in a similar fashion as Twitter’s blue tick.

According to Koo, the award of the Yellow Tick is based on predefined criteria and is a recognition that the user is a significant representative of the “Voices of India and Indians.”

Who can get a yellow tick?

The Koo Eminence Tick cannot be purchased. It is based on predefined criteria which recognizes the eminence or stature or achievements or abilities or professional status. Koo claims that the evaluation criteria has been created in the Indian context and may be subject to change.

Criteria to get yellow tick

Koo uses a mix of internal research and third-party public resources in evaluating applications for Eminence Recognition. The criteria is reviewed in March, June, September and December of each year.

Koo may also award the Yellow Tick of Eminence in exceptional circumstances not covered in the criteria. Users may apply for Yellow Tick Eminence recognition from within the Koo App or by writing to [email protected]

An evaluation response will be provided within 10 (ten) days. However, in certain cases responses may be delayed in order for the criteria to be met.

The recognition will be awarded on the basis of these factors

News articles in print/online media with a significant focus on the candidate

Interviews in programs/channels with a significant focus on the candidate

Books/Publications by publishing houses not related to the candidate

Designation or Award/Accomplishment

Yellow tick can be withdrawn as well

Koo also has the right to remove the mark of recognition at any time and without notice if the original criteria for award of eminence has changed.

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