Krafton bans over 3 lakh BGMI players: Don’t do this or you could be next

Krafton Inc has announced that it has banned over three lakh Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players on the grounds of cheating between July 30 to August 5. Krafton claims that it has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to tricks and hacks. It strives to maintain a safe play area for genuine players. BGMI is working actively by banning players who are resorting to unfair means to gain an advantage.

BGMI anti-cheating measures

BGMI is one of India’s biggest mobile games currently available on Android. Krafton has stated that it will soon be launching an Apple version of the game for its Indian players. The game is a forked version of PUBG Mobile, a game that was banned in India last year. PUBG Mobile has its own Ban Pan anti-cheat mechanism in place to catch and ban cheaters. We expect Krafton to be using a fork of the Ban Pan mechanism inside of BGMI to help keep the battlegrounds fair and devoid of malpractitioners.

Krafton in a statement said it “will strive to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs in order to provide a pleasant gaming environment.”

BGMI has permanently banned around 3,36,000 players within a short period of seven days spanning July 30 to August 5, due to cheating. While the developers have not revealed the percentage of players division for each hack, we do expect that most of them were using either the “aimbot” and or the “wallhack” among multiple other cheats and hacks.

Usage of cheats and hacks makes for a toxic environment by giving the cheaters an unfair advantage. It also makes the game unenjoyable for others, who are playing fairly.

Krafton Inc has stated that every day it removes a ton of players from BGMI to enforce a healthy gaming environment and level playing field.

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