Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone will be focused on the horizontal experience, reveals teaser

Continuing the teasers to promote its upcoming gaming smartphone. Lenovo has now released a new and short video, published on the social network, Weibo. The video showcases the unique experience of using the Legion Phone in a horizontal position.

Unlike many smartphones on the market, Lenovo wants to innovate in the industry by delivering to the consumer usability. That will perfectly adapt for the use of the smartphone in landscape mode, with the device lying down, instead of the traditional use in the vertical position. In the 16-second video published on Weibo, the system setting interface is displayed, with the person accessing the Wi-Fi settings, while its sub-menus is open on both sides of the screen, and the smartphone being used on the horizontal orientation.

Lenovo Legion Phone Horizontal experience

While the idea of ​​offering an experience entirely in landscape mode seems to be very interesting. It is worth mentioning that there are problems with Android itself due to the lack of optimization, which can be problematic in some situations. As the video showcases, the user will need to use both hands always to control the smartphone, since it is impossible to use a large device such as a smartphone this big in horizontal mode with just one hand.

However, the Lenovo Legion will also support vertical use, even though its true potential is for horizontal use. So far, Lenovo has confirmed that its Legion gaming smartphone will offer surprisingly high 90W fast charging technology. Being the fastest and most powerful ever presented on a mobile device yet.

Lenovo will also provide a complete set of accessories to use the smartphone at its full potential. The device will feature an overclocked Snapdragon 865 SoC with an extreme score of 600 thousand points on Antutu. This will be the first device in the world to surpass that mark.

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