The upcoming Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone is just a couple of days away from launch, along with the Asus ROG Phone III, another gaming phone the tech community is looking out for. However, with a lot of leaks and rumors along with official teasers getting out there for both phones, a new revelation of the Lenovo Legion will make at least one of its key features stand out amidst the rest, which is its charging time.

The new 90W “Twin Turbo” charging tech system on the smartphone will ensure a full charge in a record 30 minutes. That is pretty impressive considering the phone has a decently big 5,000mAH battery. Like many newer high-watt fast-charging setups, the Lenovo Legion’s battery is split into two parts that can be charged simultaneously.

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The company also revealed in the same teaser that it has implemented 16 security checks to ensure that all the power that goes into the phone through the 90W charging tech is in control. Like the Asus ROG Phone II from last year, the phone has two USB-C ports, one going on the bottom while the other goes on the side o0f the phone. This helps you game without the hassle of cables between your fingers, irrespective of whether you’re playing a portrait or landscape title.

Lenovo Legion to feature 144Hz screen

We also recently found out that the screen on the Lenovo Legion will feature 144Hz refresh rate support, along with powerful speakers and dual-linear vibration motors in the body, enabling a totally immersive gaming experience, at least on paper. Moreover, the pop-up selfie camera of the Lenovo Legion has also gone on the side of the phone (which for the device, is the top) since it is optimized for horizontal use.

Ahead of the launch on July 22, one of the most important elements of the phone we know is the presence of a Snapdragon 865+ chipset, which puts the phone in the same league as the Asus ROG Phone III, which is also to launch on the same day.

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