LG introduces next-gen OLED EX displays with 30 percent brighter panels: Check details

South Korean tech giant LG has unveiled its next-generation OLED technology-based displays named ‘OLED EX.’ The new displays are expected to boost brightness by up to 30 percent compared to standard traditional OLED displays.

In addition, the new displays can also sharpen image accuracy and make the finished frame smaller. “With our new OLED EX technology, we aim to deliver an even more innovative, high-end customer experience through the evolution of our OLED technology, algorithms, and design,” said Dr. Oh Chang-ho of LG.

According to the reports, there have been two crucial changes in these new reforms. LG is working on Deuterium in the chemical composition of LG OLED panels and is also working on the amalgamation of algorithmic image processing. The Seoul-based tech firm explained that Backmost would predict the operation of each LED in the TV based on individual interests “to more precisely control the display to convey the details and colors of the video content being displayed. ”

The company explained that it used the Hydrogen isotope named Deuterium, which can enhance the display’s brightness by 30 percent and improve the machine’s efficiency. “Deuterium is twice as heavy as normal Hydrogen, and only a small amount exists in the natural world – as only one atom of Deuterium is found in about 6,000 ordinary Hydrogen atoms. LG Display has worked out how to extract Deuterium from water and apply it to organic light-emitting devices. When stabilized, the Deuterium compounds allow the display to emit brighter light while maintaining high efficiency for a long time,” said LG in a blog post.

However, OLED pixels cannot reach the same brightness as LEDs. Current OLEDs can produce the highest-rated brightness levels of up to 500-600 nits, while mini LEDs can reach up to 2,000 nits, sometimes even higher-ups. LG has also assured that the new technology can reduce the screen border. For example, if you have a 65-inch OLED display and want to reduce the frame border, the OLED EX can reduce the frame width from 6mm to 4mm.

OLED EX also supports better color accuracy. The tech giant also announced that it plans to bring OLED EX technology to all OLED panels by early 2022. As per LG, the OLED sales gradually grew 70 percent last year.

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