LG Mobile may be planning to launch its upcoming flagship smartphone next month. According to the latest leak, the company will break away from its habit and launch its upcoming smartphone, the LG G8 during Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. Though, the company may change its plans as Xiaomi is also planning to launch its upcoming flagship on the same date. This is because the company does not want the attention to be diverted to any other smartphone on the day of the launch though that is unlikely as other companies are going to launch or announce their upcoming devices at MWC.

According to AndroidAuthority, an increasing number of smartphone makers are moving away from launching their new devices at mainstream events such as CES, MWC or IFA. Instead, these companies now prefer to launch their devices in separate dedicated events to ensure the attention and coverage. LG was following the same trend as it launched its LG G7 at a separate event. However, returning to the usual norm as it followed until the LG G6, the company may launch the G8 during MWC.

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The report added that the company is also trying to increase its production schedule this year. It also noted that if the company is planning to increase the number of devices launched this year, it will be in contradiction to its previous philosophy. According to the previous philosophy about launching new phones or products; the company maintained that it will only launch a new device if and when the technology has advanced enough to justify the product.

In addition to all this, the company has also revealed on previous occasions that it is working on a device with a foldable display and a device with 5G connectivity.

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