LG to launch new T-shaped rotating dual-screen smartphone on September 14

LG on Wednesday said its new dual-screen smartphone with a rotating form factor will be unveiled on September 14 (11:30 KST) as it seeks to overcome a long slump in its mobile business. A 20-second video from LG showed that the handset’s main display could rotate clockwise to reveal a secondary screen under it and create a T-shape design.

“Life gets better in unexpected ways when you discover the unexplored,” LG teased in the video.

Information on LG’s new mobile device, known by its codename “Wing,” has been leaked by tech reviewers in recent days. They predicted the new LG phone to have a 6.8-inch main panel and a smaller secondary screen of around 4 inches. The new smartphone is expected to come with a triple camera setup, with a 64-megapixel main sensor, reports Yonhap news agency.

A new report has claimed that the device will launch in the US this fall for around $1,000. According to a report in XDA Developers, the device may be significantly cheaper than earlier reported.

“We can expect the Snapdragon 765, the Snapdragon 765G, or the Snapdragon 768G,” the report said.

LG currently offers a Dual Screen Attachment with some of its top-end smartphones, including the LG Velvet and LG G8x ThinQ. For the project, LG said it has joined hands with global streaming service providers, such as Ficto, Tubi and Rave, to provide better video content for smartphones.

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LG said it will also work with Qualcomm and seek new opportunities with Naver Whale, a web browser developed by South Korea’s top web portal operator Naver.

The company said the Explorer Project is designed for its innovative smartphones only, so its existing premium smartphone lineup will run separately. The company has been trying to turn around its struggling mobile business with new smartphones.

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