Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series comes with a number of interesting hardware and software features. These features include two different models, 3D scanning, AR doodling, DeX on PC, Air actions with S Pen and more. The flagship smartphone series also comes with Live Video filters, Zoom-in Audio, 45W charging, and Link to Windows. Most of these features are hardware-dependent and users will have to get the Note 10 Series to use them. However, things are a bit different for all the new software-based features. According to a report, some developers have already ported back the “Link to Windows” feature.

Link to Windows feature details

According to a report by SamMobile, some Samsung users have discovered that Link to Windows feature works on older devices. The interesting thing is that users don’t have to undertake any risky and complicated steps to get the feature to work. All they need to do is download and sideload (install) the APK file on their Samsung smartphone. It is likely that “Link to Windows” is “Your Phone Companion” app under a different name with some Samsung-specific functions.

The report went on to add that the feature seems to be “a glorified shortcut”. It just seems to hide the app icon and instead offer a quick settings toggle. There are no additional features here if we compare the feature with “Your Phone Companion”. However, the feature may gain some Samsung-centric features in the future as a result of the partnership with Microsoft.

Users with older Samsung devices can follow the detailed instructions included in the report to use the feature. The instructions direct users to install the “Your Phone Companion” app from Google Play Store. After installing the app, users need to source the “Link to Windows Service” APK. This APK will hide the app icon and turn it into a Quick Settings tile. Users need to tap on the quick settings button to link their Samsung device with their Windows-powered laptop or desktop.

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