LinkedIn will now help users find remote work

Microsoft’s professional networking platform LinkedIn has introduced dedicated remote, hybrid and on-site search filters to help users on their next job hunt.

This new filter will see the labels when using the social network’s job search and Open to Work features, suggested a report from Engadget.

In the latter case, taking advantage of the filters will privately inform recruiters of the type of work you are looking for, which the company said should help the right job find you.

At the same time, the professional networking platform is adding similar filters for company pages, allowing them to indicate things like their vaccine policies and return-to-office plans, the report said.

In testing the filters, LinkedIn said it saw more than 70 per cent of searches involve people looking for remote-only roles.

It’s a testament to how uncertain the pandemic has made every return-to-office plan.

Even companies Amazon, Google and Facebook have struggled to find ones that stick. And so it’s no surprise most LinkedIn users are looking for opportunities where they can continue working from home, as per the report.

(With inputs from IANS)

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