Logitech introduces Circle View security camera compatible with Apple HomeKit

Logitech, which is one of the largest manufacturers for a variety of gadgets, recently released the Circle View security camera. The company said that this new product offers support for the functionality of HomeKit Secure Video. In addition, the gadget is capable of recording 1080p video and has a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees.

The Logitech Circle View is controlled using Apple devices through a dedicated application. Outwardly, the new product is similar to its predecessor, Circle 2. However, the body of the new security camera is made up of aluminum, which makes it more durable and reliable. Thanks to the laconic black coloring, the device can easily complement virtually any modern interior.

The Circle View camera has a smart design. The device can be tilted up and down if there is a need to adjust its inclination angle. This camera is suitable for both outdoor and home use. In addition, it comes equipped with a microphone, as well as a speaker. Using Apple’s HomeKit software, the camera can be controlled with voice commands. However, to utilize this functionality, you will need the Apple HomePod speaker.

Logitech reported that Circle View has significantly improved video recording technology in bright daylight. There is also a hardware button on the rear panel that allows you to disconnect the camera and microphone. Additionally, in conditions of poor visibility, the image quality will remain high, thanks to the two infrared sensors. This ensures good visibility within five meters. Thanks to its wide viewing angles (180 degrees), the camera can single-handedly cover a large area during video monitoring.

Made for Apple devices

It is also worth stating that Logitech has implemented the support for Apple Secure Video functionality in this new Circle View camera. But to use Apple HomeKit Secure Video, you need to upgrade your iCloud storage plan to 200GB. With this, you can watch the footage and live broadcasts in the Apple Home application for iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Logitech Circle View will be available in stores at a price of $160 (Rs. 12,100 approximately). However, it is still unknown if the device will be up for sale in India.

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