Looking to buy a new iPhone? You will be left disappointed

For the very first time in 10 years, Apple has halted iPhone lineup production. According to a report coming from Nikkei, the Cupertino-based tech giant has suspended the assembly line for “several days” due to supply chain limitations and China’s ongoing power restriction. The report notes that the information comes from  “multiple sources with knowledge of the situation”.

As per the report, Apple’s production usually bumps up and workers are assigned overtime and 24 hours production schedules to meet the demand. But this year looks slightly different than usual. Due to supply chain constraints, workers are getting off time.

“Due to limited components and chips, it made no sense to work overtime on holidays and give extra pay for front-line workers […] That has never happened before. The Chinese golden holiday in the past was always the most hustling time when all of the assemblers were gearing up for production,” one of the supply chain managers informed.

With this, it won’t be wrong to say that if you are looking to purchase an iPhone right now, you will be left disappointed. The stocks may be limited.

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iPhone 13’s unfortunate fate

Since the launch of the iPhone 13 series, the global chip shortage and supply chain limitations have impacted Apple majorly. Just a few months ago, Apple announced to cut iPhone 13 production by nearly 10 million. The tech giant initially aimed to ship 95 million iPhone 13 models in 2021, unfortunately, the number was dropped to around 83-85 million at the beginning of December.

As per some other media reports, the September and October production of iPhone 13 models fell short of 20 percent. While the production of older iPhone models was dropped by 25 percent. The situation remained the same in November.

The supply chain constraints have impacted most smartphone manufacturers and not just Apple. In fact, besides the smartphone industry, the shortage of components has affected automobiles, laptops, and various other sectors.

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