It seems that Apple again has a new problem to solve as a new issue related to MacBook Pro has emerged. Users are reportedly encountering an issue labeled as ‘stage light’ effect at the bottom of the display. However, the issue of jagged backlighting has been witnessed by a few Apple users only and is not widespread.

iFixit reported that Apple’s top-notch Notebooks leverage moderately thin flex cables to “connect the display to a display controller board beneath the Touch Bar.” The cited source further explains that “these cables wrap over the board, where they’re secured by a pair of spring-loaded covers—and they’re subjected to the stress of bending with every opening and closure of the laptop. Within a seemingly short time, those cables are starting to fatigue and tear. The backlight cable is generally the first to go, producing the infamous “stage light” symptoms, and eventually giving out entirely when the laptop is opened more than about 40 degrees.”

Additionally, as mentioned above, only a small percentage of MacBook Pro owners have experienced this issue; however, its still a big deal, considering the giant price you pay for the NoteBook. It comes with a starting price of $1,299 (approximately Rs 92,550) in the US. Also, to fix the issue, users will have to spend an estimated price of $600 (approximately Rs 42,750) as Apple has designed the MacBook in a way that cables cannot be replaced for a cheap price tag.

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“In an apparent effort to make the display as thin as possible, Apple designed the cables as part of the display, so they cannot be replaced. This means that when (not if) those cables start to fail, the entire display unit needs to be replaced, as opposed to one or two little cables—effectively turning a $6 problem into a $600 disaster,” the report explained. Therefore, an online petition has been filed for an extended warranty program, that has already garnered more than 2,000 signatures.

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