Mad Box could be a new gaming console aspiring to take on Xbox and PlayStation

The console gaming scene has been predominantly comprised of just two brands, which include Sony‘s PlayStation and Microsoft‘s Xbox. While there have been other consoles from Nintendo, the major titles have always graced Xbox and PlayStation. The idea of consoles have become so prevalent with associating the word with these two, that a new company will have to make many heads turn in order to be noticed.

And now that is exactly what Slightly Mad Studios, which is the developer behind racing sims Project CARS and Need for Speed: Shift is out and about to do. The CEO of the studio Ian Bell announced on Twitter today that the company is developing a console that is named ‘Mad Box’, and it is apparently the most powerful one built yet. It is just one tweet that mentions the name of the console, and what it aspires to achieve in terms of the console and a platform for developers. The tweet reads, “What is the Mad Box? It’s the most powerful console ever built… It’s literally ‘Mad’… You want 4k, you want VR at 60FPS? You want a full engine for free to develop your games on it? You have it.”

In case the console becomes a reality it will have to compete with the next generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft which we expect to be launched by next year, which is in 2020. The specs are not mentioned, but what the tweet does mention seems to be a standard for the next generation consoles like 4K gaming and Virtual Reality in 60 frames per second. It is yet to be seen how the studio expects to pull off such an ambitious project as there is no details whatsoever on it. But if it does, then we might see another major player in the industry soon.

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