Battle royale biggie PUBG has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, and it seems there might be an addition to that list. Apparently a man has left his pregnant wife because he could not make things work after excessively playing PUBG Mobile. According to a Facebook post, the man was introduced to the game by his siblings, and started playing the game for unusually long hours. This led to arguments, and the man finally decided to leave his wife. This news is not verified as the name of the man neither the woman has been mentioned in the post, and there is no means to verify this information. There is also a possibility that the account that posted this is fabricated.

But that does not mean that there have not been other cases where the game has been portrayed in a negative light. According to a previous report by UNI, a fitness trainer in Jammu started self-harming himself and then ended up in the hospital due to his addiction to the popular battle royale game.

Besides this a 11-year-old Mumbai boy moved court to seek a ban for the game on grounds that it is addicting and harmful, though not before he wrote to the government about it. Previously, Gujarat officially became the first state in India to ban the game from primary schools. There were complaints against the game and appeals to ban it Kashmir and an institution in Chennai also banned it from its hostels.

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