Gamers tend to take things a bit too far sometimes and we had another such example in CS:GO recently. In what appeared to be a bizarre and offensive move, a man was found to have dressed up as a woman to participate in an all woman tournament. The tournament in question is the Lenovo Legion of Valkyries tournament. The organizers had strict rules which said that participants would have to appear on video constantly to ensure no foul play happens.

Not too many details of this incident is known yet, but it appears that the man had adorned a wig and covered his face with a mask to appear like a woman. But it seems like he took off the mask at one point which made it clear that he wasn’t a woman.

This rather disturbing act turns grave considering that the winner of the tournament would be awarded $600. Women have eternally been harassed and ridiculed when it comes to gaming. And a man trying to take away whatever little niche tournament that is available, is downright lowly.

In other ridiculous CS:GO things, we recently reported that one player was able to get an ace with one bullet. Every CS:GO players dreams of getting a one bullet ace. Which means, one bullet to kill all five enemies in the opposing team. But few have ever been able to achieve this feat, and fewer have been recorded. But it seems a legitimate video has surfaced which shows exactly this. A player managed to kill all five enemies with a single bullet which essentially ended the round then and there.

This video was posted on Twitter by a user named Rivalry. The video shows that the match is taking place in the map de_Inferno with the player on the Terrorist side of the game. The terrorists rush alleyway in a line and that is when an opponent in the Counter Terrorist team kills all of them with an AWP in one bullet. The AWP is one of the few guns in CS:GO that can kill five enemies.

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