It has been two years since Valve released an operation for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which changes now with Operation Shattered Web. In a new massive update the devs bring a new operation along with a lot of changes. The most impactful of all these changes is the nerf to SG 553 or Krieg which is a T sided gun. The gun was buffed earlier this year but it’s CT counterpart the AUG or Bullpup saw a nerf. The community has been clamoring for a while demanding a nerf for the gun. The Famas and Galil are getting a buff with their pricces dropping by $200.

The devs have now priced the SG552 $200 higher a $3000 which ought to bring down the pick rate of the weapon. The new operation brings new Agents to the game which can be unlocked. And this is the first time players will be able to get a female selectable character in the game. Besides this there is a new weapon crate along with three new weapon collections that have been added to the game. These are the Shattered Web Case, The Norse Collection and The Sr Marc Collection.

Besides these there are new stickers and sprays in the game as well. The new Operation Shattered Web will have missions in the game. It’s description says, “Each week receive a new mission card featuring 6 non-overlapping missions that can be completed in any order. Complete missions and earn stars in Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, Guardian, and more to complete each card!”

There will be Guardian Strike Missions as well, of which the description reads, “Pair up with a friend and defend the world from the Ts in challenging new cooperative campaigns. Play through the missions at your own pace, and earn Guardian XP toward Operation Stars and Operation Weapon Drops.”

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There are new maps coming in this update as well which include Jungle, Lunacy and Studio. These are community maps that will have missions in them and will be available for regular matchmaking as well. The Lunacy map is set in a lunar outpost which means it will have low gravity. Check out all the patch notes here.

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