MediaTek takes a dig at competition, says Dimensity 9000 does not overheat like some others

MediaTek recently announced its flagship Dimensity 9000 chipset, which is built on the 4nm manufacturing process. It is being said that the chipset outperforms Qualcomm‘s chips, with the company being quite confident about its approach. According to earlier reports Qualcomm and Samsung’s 2022 chipsets built on Samsung’s 5nm process suffer from overheating and throttling. This is why many are afraid that the same issues might plague the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 too.

During an interview with Android Authority, Mediatek’s global PR director Kevin Keating said that the company is confident about the chip and is getting good results from the tests as well. Taking a jab at Qualcomm, he added “there’s only one company with heating issues right now. And it’s not us.” “competitors like to toss that (heating issues) around at MediaTek, but we have not had heating issues.”

“I think the areas where we’re balancing things are perhaps power management, Wi-Fi, and we can make some trade-offs in our portfolio internally,” he added, noting that their 5G radio chips and 4G SoCs are built on the same process.

A major concern is the global chip shortage, due to which we have seen a number of delays in smartphone launches and more. But the company states that it thinks it is in the clear, with MediaTek’s vice-president and general manager of marketing Finbarr Moynihan saying “I think we’re very confident when it comes to things like the SoC,” pointing to their 4nm, 6nm, 7nm, and 12nm products.

Another hurdle for MediaTek is going to be that the Dimensity 9000 does not come with mmWave support. However, the company has stated that we will get to see devices next year with the first mmWave-toting Dimensity chips in tiers below the Dimensity 9000 chipset. While mmWave is mainly used in the US, which is why this might not be as big an issue.

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