MediaTek teases another premium chipset manufactured on the 6nm Process

MediaTek recently expanded its 5G Dimensity Series lineup by launching the Dimensity 700. But besides that, they also apparently teased the arrival of other, more premium chips. The chipset is codename MT8195, whose real name is not yet known. But MediaTek reveals that it is a high-end processor that is more sophisticated than the Dimensity 700 and is expected to arrive before the end of this year.

MediaTek 6nm processor details

MediaTek also provided some key details regarding the specifications of the new chipset. According to the announcement, MT8195 is their first processor built on a 6nm process manufactured by TSMC. The MediaTek MT8195 features the latest 4x core Cortex-A78 CPU architecture like the Exynos 1080 which Samsung will also announce soon, promising clock speeds of up to 3.0GHz. According to Arm, Cortex-A78 has a 20% better performance boost than Cortex-A77.

It is combined with 4x cores Cortex-A55 and 5 cores Mali-G57 as a graphics processor. There is also an APU 3.0 with 4 TOPS which is used for voice and image recognition along with Dolby Vision 7.1 support, 4K HDR video decoding, and AV1 hardware video acceleration. It has a dedicated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) processor and support for up to three screens. Other additions are LPDDR4X Quad-channel 2133MHz RAM, PCI-Express Gen-3, and USB 3.2 Gen-1.

Apart from MediaTek MT8195, the Taiwanese manufacturer also released the MT8192 chipset. It is intended for Chromebook devices, such as the MT8195 model. Only this time it’s built on a 7nm process. The MT8192 also has lower specs than its brother. It packs a 4x core Cortex A76 configuration.

Furthermore, it is combined with 4x cores Cortex-A55 along with APU 2.0 which only gets 2.4 TOPS. There is currently no word on which devices will use the MT8192 and MT8195 chipsets. But it is reported that Chromebooks using MediaTek’s new chips are expected to come out in the second quarter of 2021.

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