The devs of Call of Duty: Mobile had announced that it is going to get a classic from Black Ops II, called Meltdown map. This was announced in the previous update patch notes. The map is now live in the game which has been announced in a new tweet. The Meltdown map may be making its debut on Call of Duty: Mobile but it has been a classic from Black Ops II. The map has a lot of space and is built around a nuclear power plant. It has a lot of cover which provides long drawn out fights as well as aggressive plays.

Since this map is pretty large this is also a great place to snipe. Call of Duty recently added the Heavy Shot Event is the latest in-game event of the battle royale title. The event lets users grind and get the KN-44 assault rifle and Prophet Sight character skins for free. Read on to see how you can bag these freebies during the event.

The Heavy Shot event is the first Call of Duty event that the game added in its free gun and character rewards for free to play players. There are more such events like this expected to come later in the game.

To be eligible for the Call of Duty Heavy Shot Event freebies, you first need to grind in multiplayer mode for a total of 100XP. The event features a total of 12 tasks in the event. You, however, need not do all of them. You need to complete only some of the 12 tasks to get 100XP. However, note that completing the remaining two tasks will get you 120XP.

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