Meta and Ray-Ban’s Stories smart glasses now lets you send and read Messenger texts

Remember Tony Stark/Iron Man interacting with his smart devices by giving voice commands to his assistant Jarvis with his cool smart glasses, yes? Meta’s Stories smart glasses can now give you a somewhat similar experience!

Launched earlier this year, Ray-Ban and Meta’s Stories smart glasses have received an update. The new update will allow users to send and receive Facebook Messenger messages directly from the glasses. According to a post by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook, “Rolling out more hands-free features for Ray-Ban Stories like the ability to send messages, hear message readouts, and make calls (all via Messenger), and also control the volume or pause and resume audio, all using your voice. We’re just getting started, more updates to Ray-Ban Stories coming in 2022.”

Users will be able to send voice messages or get have them read out to them with the help of built-in mics, speakers and voice assistant.

The Stories glasses users will also be able to “control the volume or pause and resume audio calls” by giving voice commands. Zuckerberg has announced that the company will roll out more updates in 2022.

For the unversed, the highlights of the Stories glasses is that it lets users record videos and take pictures right from these glasses. They can even act as wireless headphones at times.

Ray-Ban Stories look pretty low-profile and will allow users to capture photos and videos with the help of two 5-megapixel cameras. Wearers will also be able to listen to music and attend phone calls using the in-frame speakers and microphone. The glasses weigh under 50 grams and will come with a leather hardshell charging case.

The glasses will be required to be connected to an iOS or Android device for full functionality. However, users can still capture hundreds of photos or dozens of videos inside of the onboard memory, before being required to transfer the media to their phone via the Facebook View app.

Facebook claims that the Ray-Ban Stories glasses along with the charging case will have an all-day battery life. The frames feature an LED light that will glow to indicate to the people around that the glasses are recording.

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