Microsoft recently unveiled its new Microsoft 365 suite. The service replaces the Office 365 suite as a with various subscriptions for personal and family. Microsoft 365 plans will be available from April 21. These plans will start at a price of Rs 4,199 per year. A family of up to six people can use the Microsoft 365 Family plan for Rs 5,299 a year, said the company in a statement.

The new Microsoft 365 plans will include access to Outlook and the Office desktop apps for both Windows and macOS. These will also include 1 terabyte of OneDrive storage per person and 50 gigabytes of email storage. Further, there is also Skype call recording and 60 minutes of Skype landline and mobile phone calls.

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Moreover, Microsoft also introduced two new Microsoft 365 experiences that will be available for preview in the next few months. This includes a new ‘Family Safety’ app. The app is designed to keep families safe across the digital and physical worlds. Then there are the new Microsoft home features for Teams that are now part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Microsoft Teams helps friends and family connect in a group chat or through video calls.

New office suite features

Microsoft is also adding a lot of Office-related features with the transition to Microsoft 365. Users will soon be able to access the existing Editor feature of Word. This is a more advanced method of proofing, compared to the regular grammar and spellcheck features. Further, PowerPoint is also getting some new exclusive features for Microsoft 365 consumers. Microsoft even launched a presentation coach for PowerPoint. The AI-based feature helps you make clean presentations by avoiding filler words and bad elements. Additionally, Microsoft 365 subscribers also get exclusive access to more than 200 new templates and thousands of images and videos from Getty Images.

Microsoft now also allows you to link your bank account with Excel and import all your expenses into your spreadsheet. The service comes as a result of a partnership with Plaid. Dubbed “Money in Excel,” the feature will launch in the US in the coming months. Moreover, even Outlook is getting the ability to link your work and personal calendars on the web. The company has also introduced a new Password Monitor feature for its Edge browser. The feature lets users know if their passwords have been attacked in database breaches suggesting a password change.

Microsoft Skype new features

Microsoft recently introduced a new feature in Skype called ‘Meet Now’. This allows users to easily create video meetings in as little as three clicks for free. This feature also needs no sign-ups or downloads. The tech giant is also working with Adobe, Experian, Bark, Blinklist, and others to offer limited-time access to other premium consumer subscriptions.

(With inputs from IANS)

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