Microsoft celebrates Chinese Lunar Year with special Tiger-themed Xbox Series S consoles

Microsoft has designed lots of customised Xbox consoles over the years. Be it popular games or characters, the company has made it a point to stay on top of the Xbox game by integrating those games and characters in its customised designs. But none probably will be more iconic than the design Microsoft revealed to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Tiger. More than the design itself, the accessibility, or the inaccessibility, of this customised Xbox Series S console, is what makes it iconic. For starters, there will be just 15 of them. And, no, you cannot buy them off of a retail outlet. Instead of being put on sale, the consoles will be the prizes for a contest on Wechat and Bilibili which starts at noon Chinese Standard Time on January 25.

Microsoft brings a custom Xbox Series S for the Year of the Tiger

As part of Microsoft’s celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the tech giant collaborated with Chinese cartoon designer Bu2ma for the design. The design itself is based on a famous character created by Bu2ma. The Chinese New Year begins February 1 and continues till January 21, 2023. The Chinese zodiac assigns attributes and animals to people born in certain years in a 12-year cycle. On February 1, the lunar calendar will transition into the Year of the Tiger from the Year of the Ox.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has designed a customised product to commemorate the Chinese New Year. In 2016, Microsoft had commissioned special Xbox Ones to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. None of the designs were sold or given away, though. While 15 of this year’s customised consoles will be available in the contest, that doesn’t make them any more accessible than the 2016 design. The unique design and the scarcity of the console will make it an instant hit among collectors, and the ones who end up winning the contest can groove to the Eye of the Tiger in Rocky Balboa style.

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