Microsoft launches a Minesweeper inspired Christmas special sweater

It is that time of the year and with that Microsoft brings back its “ugly Windows sweaters. This time, with a whole new theme. This year’s ugly Windows sweater is inspired by Minesweeper.

Microsoft’s special Christmas sweater looks weird and is overly designed. It comes in a single colour and in six different sizes including small, large, medium, and three XL versions. As for the pricing, the sweater comes at a price of $74.99, which is roughly around Rs 5,600 in INR. The price remains the same for all sizes.

This year’s sweater includes a round neck and a Christmas tree made of Minesweeper blocks with snowflakes all around. If you look closer ro the next area, you will notice the date 1990, which is the year when the classic game was first released. Following 1990 is the current year 2021. The sweater also includes the classic Windows logo on the left and the close button on the right.

The ‘Minesweeper Ugly’ sweater is currently available in the United States. But the company has informed opening of international shipping. This means you can get hold of the sweater even if you are outside the US.

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For the unaware, the tech giant started its fashion of ugly Christmas sweaters last year with an MS Paint-inspired Microsoft sweater. The Minesweeper-inspired sweater is its second edition.

Last year, Microsoft donated a big chunk of the proceeds from each sweater to the Girls Who Code foundation. The organization supports young girls with computer science education. This year, the tech giant pledges to donate $100,000 to AbleGamers, an American non-profit organization that aims to improve the accessibility of video games for people with disabilities.

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