Microsoft Mesh introduces; lets users appear as holograms in virtual meetings

Microsoft at the Ignite virtual event showcased a fully realised hologram, using its new Mesh platform. The company also made James Cameron (filmmaker) and John Hanke (Niantic CEO) a part of the conference virtually to showcase, how the new platform can bring together the virtual and physical world.

The company said that the new Mesh platform users will now be able to conduct virtual meetups using holograph of themselves making it feel as if everyone is present at one location. Having said that, this will allow users to “express themselves as avatars initially, and eventually use holoportation to project themselves as their most lifelike, photorealistic selves.”

Microsoft Mesh is powered by the company’s own Azure cloud computing systems and uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology for getting accurate holoportations.

Initially, Holohedrons headgear will be used to access the platform to overlay digital imagery in real-world settings. The headgear is priced at $3,500 (approximately Rs 2,55,615). At later stages, the platform will also be able to get synced to other virtual reality gear like Facebook’s Oculus VR headsets and HTC Vive.

The company during its presentation said that it expects outside developers and partners to build applications on Mesh. It also revealed that their in-house developers are already hard at work to integrate the Mesh platform inside of its other products like Teams.

Other than Microsoft, other tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook are reportedly also working on mixed reality headsets and platforms.

Niantic founder and CEO John Hanke pitched in showcasing a concept version of its popular mobile game Pokemon Go, running in HoloLens. He said that it will be interesting to see what they and other companies will be able to do with a platform like Microsoft Mesh. James Cameron stated that this technology will also be very helpful in filming movies.

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