Microsoft releases refreshed ‘Skype for Web’ on Chrome, Edge browsers

Microsoft has refreshed its video call and messaging platform “Skype for Web” for users operating Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

The revamped Skype version comes with features like HD video calling, call recording, notifications panel and chat media gallery, the Skype team said via a blog post on Thursday.

The refreshed Skype version also comes with a WhatsApp-like “Find within conversations” option to allow users to find specific messages in conversation by typing the word or phrase they want to find in the search box.

The updated version is now available on machines running Windows 10 or MacOS 10.12 Sierra and later versions.

“Attempting to access ‘Skype for Web’ with another browser generates a ‘Browser not supported’ error message,” The Verge reported.

However, Microsoft plans to roll out the refreshed “Skype for Web” to other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, or Opera which currently do not support the version.

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