Microsoft rolls out Teams update on Android to fix 911 calling bug

Microsoft has rolled out an update that fixes the dangerous bug that prevented Android users from calling emergency services. Android users can head over to the Google Play Store to download the version 1416/ of Microsoft Teams to fix the bug.

To recall, some Google Pixel users earlier this month reported having issues while calling emergency services in the US. Google, upon investigating these reports, had determined that the bug that was preventing Android users from calling emergency services in the US was manifesting itself owing to an “unintended interaction between the Microsoft Teams app and the underlying Android operating system.” The company had also said that the bug was affecting a limited set of people who had installed Microsoft Teams but hadn’t logged in the app on their smartphones running Android 10 or higher. At the time, the company had recommended a temporary fix that required users facing this issue to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Teams app. Google had also cautioned that an update to the Microsoft Teams app and Google’s own Android OS would be required to fix the issue completely.

Subsequently, Mishaal Rahman posted a detailed analysis of the bug explaining what exactly went wrong. In his analysis he pointed out that “it’s easy to confirm that there’s a bug in the app that results in the excessive registration of PhoneAccount instances.

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“Whenever the Microsoft Teams app is installed but the user has not signed in, every cold launch of the app results in the creation of another PhoneAccount instance…every time the Teams app restarts or crashes, a new UUID is generated for users that are not logged in, and thus a new PhoneAccount is added to Android’s TelecomManager,” he wrote in a post on Medium explaining the bug.

That being said, Microsoft has already rolled out an update to fix this bug. Google, on the other hand, will fix the issue with an update to its Android OS on January 4, 2022.

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