Software giant Microsoft has just announced its much anticipated Surface-branded smartphone called the Microsoft Surface Duo. Surface Duo will be the first Android-powered smartphone-like Surface device that the world has long been waiting for. As part of the announcement, the company revealed that the Microsoft Surface Duo will be launching in the Holiday season next year. This means that the device will launch around Christmas in 2020. Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay stated that the company is working with Google to craft this device.

Microsoft Surface Duo details

The company showcased the device in a video and on-stage painting a clear picture of what to expect. Surface Duo will feature two screens that will fold together to create a compact package. Panay stated that both the screens will be 5.6-inch in size. He also showcased how both the screens will work with Android to create a seamless experience. It also revealed how Microsoft is side-stepping the problems that Samsung and Huawei are facing while making foldable smartphones. The video of the device also showcased the software in action with Google Play Store and the rest of the Android ecosystem.

It confirmed that it is working to ensure that all Android apps are compatible with Microsoft Surface Duo. The interesting thing to note is that Android will complement the larger Windows 10X-powered Surface Neo. Panay also shared details behind the decision to reveal Surface Duo more than a year before the launch. He stated that Microsoft wants to involve its fans and software developers in the development process. It is likely that the company will share more information about the software in the coming months.

Microsoft is likely to dive deeper into its annual developer conference BUILD 2020 about Surface Duo. Taking a closer look at the design, Microsoft seems to be taking the fight to Samsung, Huawei, and other rivals. It also means that Microsoft may actively start contributing to the development of AOSP mirroring its efforts with Chromium. We are merely speculating this point while taking a look at the past track-record. To clarify, the company has not revealed any plans to actively work on contributing to AOSP.

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