Microsoft enters the metaverse universe following its competitor Facebook (now Meta). CEO Satya Nadella announces Mesh, which basically lets your 2D or 3D avatar join Teams calls. This is going to be an extremely helpful and exciting feature for users who do not wish to turn on their webcam or get easily bored with these meetings.

With Mesh, Microsoft aims to build virtual spaces for both consumers and businesses. The feature will begin rolling out for everyone using Teams starting the first half of 2022. Specific timeline for the rollout hasn’t been announced yet.

What is Microsoft Mesh?

Mesh is built on efforts like Together Mode and other features that Microsoft has been developing over the last few months to make meetings interesting. The company hopes that Mesh will make working from home even more interesting and engaging than ever before.

The concept of Mesh looks more like the future of Microsoft Teams meetings for sure. It actually comes around as a combination of Microsoft’s mixed reality and HoloLens. In simple words, Mesh will allow users to join Teams meetings as their avatar. So, with the feature rolling out next year, you will no longer need to put on your lipstick before a Teams call.

Your 3D avatar is here

Microsoft explained that Mesh will use AI to listen to your voice and then animate your avatar and present it before other members. The 3D avatar will bring fun animations along such as raising hands, among others. So, when you click on the raise hand option, your 3D avatar’s hands will also raise. Now that’s quite interesting isn’t it?

With the entrance to the Metaverse world with Mesh, Microsoft hopes to compete against Facebook’s Metaverse initiative dubbed Meta. The concept of Metaverse isn’t new for Microsoft since the tech giant has been investing in AR and VR products since the last several years, HoloLens being one of the many examples.

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Metaverse is the future

With the announcement of Mesh, it will not be wrong to say that Metaverse is the future and companies are already working towards the path. Besides Microsoft and Meta (Facebook), there are several other tech companies like Spatial that are working to bring virtual spaces for events, meetings, and networking opportunities.

On the similar grounds, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced to change the parent company’s name to Meta. Stating the reason behind name change, Zuckerberg said that he doesn’t want the world to know his company just as a social media platform. Facebook as per the CEO is way more than that, atleast it will be in near future.

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