Microsoft’s newest update for the Windows 10 is the Insider Preview Build 18329 which has been released this weekend. This update is now available for all the people who have opted for the first preview program of the Windows 10. This new build is apparently not available to everyone yet, because it seems to not have been launched with all that languages that Windows 10 usually ships with. The most unique feature that has been added to the update this time around is the capability to use normal desktop apps in the VR mode.

The regular 2D Win32 apps of Microsoft Windows can now be viewed and accessed in the Windows Mixed Reality environment, which is used both by VR headsets like the HTC Vive and the AR headset like Microsoft’s own HoloLens. Before this new update was introduced, only apps that had been built using the new modern UWP API could be used in the Windows Mixed Reality environment. And with this new update, the ability to use any app in the VR and AR mode means that users will be able to use any apps in the Windows Mixed Reality environment including Photoshop or Visual Studio.

Besides this, the new update has also added support for a couple of new scripts which include Osage language spoken by the Osage Nation in Oklahoma, and the ADLaM script used to write Pular, the language of the Fulani people in West Africa. These languages up until recently didn’t have any sufficient written form and were both added to the Unicode in 2016. The most used apps by the user will now also be displayed in the Search Home section and Dark mode has been extended to Mail and Calendar items. A new Default Font has also been introduced and users will now be able to customize how new messages will look.

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