Microsoft working on improving Windows 11 performance with updates starting next year

Microsoft earlier this year released its latest Windows 11 operating system. While the new operating system (OS) brings in a user interface (UI) overhaul, many users have been facing issues with the OS. Especially users with laptops and PCs with dated specifications, with Windows 11 further slowing down their systems.

Microsoft now has some good news for people who have been left with sluggish systems after updating. The company has promised to issue fixes and updates next year, which will focus on improving the performance of the OS. The company has noted that improving the responsiveness of Windows is a priority.

The company’s developer team during a Reddit AMA session stated that “Performance will be an area of focus for us in 2022.” “A lot of that focus will go into startup/launch perf; in terms of UI elements rendering on the screen, we’ve tested the scalability of doing things like putting 10k buttons on the screen, etc,” the devs added.

The Reddit thread was filled with user complaints about startup performance, the File Explorer glitch, and other menu and language bar items that are slow. Some of these complaints have already been addressed in the latest Insider preview build and will be rolling out to the public release in the coming months.

During the Reddit AMA, the team urged users encountering issues and problems to provide them with feedback to improve Windows 11 via the company’s Feedback Hub.

Apart from the performance issues, many other issues have also cropped up. These issues include memory leaks, compatibility issues, lack of customization options, and more.

If you are currently debating if you should upgrade to Windows 11 or not, it is recommended that you wait a bit for the company to roll out software updates and resolve the kinks currently plaguing the OS.

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