Technology giant Microsoft has just announced some new information about its in-house game streaming service, Microsoft xCloud. The company revealed that the Beta version of this service is arriving in 11 more countries in Europe. This expansion comes months after the company launched the service in the United States, UK, and South Korea. Now, interested users can register for the service in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, and Norway. As per the report, the Android version of xCloud will soon be available for testing. Let’s check out more information regarding the upcoming beta launch for the service.

Microsoft xCloud beta launch; details

According to a report from The Verge, the signup page for the Android version of xCloud is currently available. However, the company has not revealed any details about the actual launch of the service. This is likely because of the ongoing global pandemic, coronavirus. Head of Project xCloud, Catherine Gluckstein issued a statement as part of the announcement. Gluckstein stated, “We know gaming is an important way for people to remain connected, particularly during these times of social distancing.” However, the company is also aware of the toll that work from home has taken on internet bandwidth.

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As per the report, the company seems to be taking a “measured approach” to conserve internet access. As part of this approach, the company will start the preview with a limited number of users in each market. Microsoft will continue to add more testers “overtime”. Users can head on to the website to complete the registration.

It is also worth noting that the company has not launched the final version of its game streaming service. We already know that the service may not launch in all countries where the company is testing the beta version. In addition, the company has also started testing the beta version on iPhone and iPad devices.

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